Telecommunications Overview


Project Management Services

Engineering and Support Services

Telecommunication Construction Service

Testing, Certification and Reporting Services


Project Management Services

Strategic Development

Current Solutions Communications prides itself on an unparalleled ability to satisfy project commitments by employing technical capability, engineering and support services, manpower placement, inspectional services and firm adherence to production and tracking systems.
The production standards utilized allow for continuous project management updates to be presented to our clients throughout your telecommunications infrastructure projects.

Feasibility Studies and Conceptual Designs

We offer a full suite of engineering, planning and design services for both short term and long term, inside plant and outside plant telecommunications related projects. We perform initial site surveys and project conceptualizations targeted towards our clients needs. It is our firm belief that the relationship formed with our clients at the outset of a project is the foundation from which successful projects originate.

 Project Design/Implementation

By utilizing our trained engineering and design professionals and project management staff we maintain the ability to move your telecommunications projects from the concept phase to completion in a timely and efficient manner. It is at this phase of your project that our continuous reporting provides you with the tools necessary to maintain your infrastructure projects.

Network Monitoring and Maintenance

Current Solutions Communications offers continuous support of your telecommunications networks, through the ability to provide you with testing, maintenance and electronic upgrades. It is this service which proves invaluable in an ever changing marketplace.

Project Costing Controls

Our firm employs the professionals necessary to maintain strict project costing controls throughout the lifecycle of the project. From initial product procurement to on site inventories, we maintain adherence to your projects budgetary requirements.

Budget Analysis

By employing a total project costing approach, we allow our clients to understand the scope of their project. Our customers have come to rely on our on time/on budget approach to their infrastructure projects.

On Site Supervision

It is our commitment to our clients to maintain strict adherence to the time frames and milestones associated with their projects. By utilizing our on site project supervision, we allow our customers the comfort of a single point of contact throughout the lifecycle of the project.


Engineering and Support Services

Project Drafting and CAD Services

Current Solutions Communications offers a fully staffed CAD Department, which utilizes the latest technology to provide you with complete project plans associated with your build-outs. Our trained drafts people utilize AutoCAD 2000 and Volo-View Express products to provide complete drawings to you in advance of your project, and final as built drawings at project closeout.


Utility Locating and Protection

Our firm fully understands the requirements associated with existing cable plant and utility infrastructures and takes great care in locating these facilities prior to construction services. Public property digs commence with the interaction of Dig-Safe. All projects are preceded by a Dig Safe inspection and permitting approval.
Due to the fact the Dig-Safe does not provide utility location on private property; we utilize private firms and our own cable and conduit location equipment for private property construction.


Field/Site Surveying

Our personnel complete continuous field and site surveying associated with each project prior to, during and at the closeout of construction. Ongoing reports regarding the property allows our risk management approach to your project to avoid problems prior to creation.


Regulatory / Rights of Way Permitting

Our professionals are fully versed in the permitting and approval processes associated with telecommunications projects.  From local jurisdiction to grants of location to low voltage, electrical and public way permitting, our staff has the ability to obtain all permits and regulatory approvals necessary which may be associated with your projects.


Facility Analysis

We pride ourselves on our ability to analyze your existing facilities and networks and offer creative solutions to your communications needs. From complex cable plant installations buried and aerial to LAN networks over twisted pair, coax or fiber optics, Current Solutions offers creative solutions to your internetworking needs.


Plan Copies, Reproductions, Color Plotting

Our automated drafting department has the ability to provide your firm with complete plan copying, reproduction and color plotting either from digitizing of existing prints or creation of plan designs.


Telecommunication Construction Services

Optical Fiber Systems

Current Solutions Communications utilizes the latest technologies available to provide fiber optic transmission, installation, termination, and fusion splicing associated with your networking projects. We utilize an extensive array of equipment from fusion splicing equipment to Optical Time Domain Reflectometry meters to provide you with state of the art optical installations. 


Network Transmission, Cabling, Topology, Hardware Installation

Our professionals bring extensive knowledge of OSP/ISP broadband, copper and fiber optic voice, data and video cabling installations. Our quality of cabling and hardware installations is unparalleled in the industry and provides our clients with complete network infrastructure build outs.


RF and Video Backbone Coaxial Cabling and Equipment Installations

From the installation of coaxial cabling to the installation of Nodes, Line extenders, mini-bridgers and equalizers our trained professionals are well versed in RF and Video Backbone and station cabling installations. We employ a core of coaxial splicers with over twenty years experience in RF and Video equipment installations. We maintain an extensive database of well over 2000 MDU properties, which we have designed and constructed throughout Eastern Massachusetts.


Telephony Cabling and Equipment Installations

Our installation professionals are certified to install Category 3, 5, 5E, 6 and 7 LAN cabling systems. Quality is our main focus when undertaking a telephony cabling project. We understand the intricacies of telephony and data transmission and work with your firm to provide creative solutions to your network needs.

We provide complete cabling mapping and certification through As Built plans, prints, and test reports which are provided at the closeout of every cabling project.

Aerial Construction

Current Solutions Communications provides fully equipped and staffed aerial construction crews with the ability to provide all phases of pole line and lateral construction. Our crews have extensive knowledge of existing pole line construction related to the particular network, which they are working on.

Safety is foremost in this service and all employees have received Boston Edison Power Space Safety Certification as well as adhere to the BellCore Construction standards.

Great care is taken in the planning and undertaking of aerial construction projects and our firm secures all the proper police details where necessary as well as adhering to all public safety practices.

   Services provided include:


Underground Construction

Our outside plant construction division maintains a large inventory of underground construction equipment. Our fleet of trenchers, cable pullers, conduit benders and duct proofing crews are available for projects throughout the region. In addition to these tools, our OSP department has an immense database of personnel and equipment resources such as directional boring, coring, and paving related to any underground project, which we undertake.

All installations of paving, concrete restoration and landscaping are restored to original or better than original condition and are fully warranted.


Electronic Upgrades

Our planning and installation departments are continuously updating their training and industry knowledge to stay abreast of the latest technologies that the industry has to offer. We continually revisit our projects in order to review and update the equipment installations, which we have provided and keep our clients informed as to the latest technologies available.


Testing, Certification and Reporting Services


Signal Generation, Testing and Reporting

On projects and backbones that are not active, we employ the use of our PCI TSG-4000  Video Signal Generator. Our PCI TSG-4000 Video Signal Generator will replicate a highly stable RF output from 5MHz to 1GHz. All test parameters and results are stored, printed and reported for your documentation.


Signal Sweeping, Testing and Reporting

On projects and backbones that are actively tied into your network, we employ the use of our WaveTek Model MS1400. The WaveTek allows us to monitor, record and print level measurements from 5 MHz to 860 MHz on all analog signals and digitally modulated carriers.


Signal Level Compatibility, Testing and Reporting

Testing parameters can vary greatly from transmission equipment to receiving equipment. Current Solutions Communications has the ability to test signal level compatibility between equipment sources with forward and return path generation. All test parameters and results are stored and reported for your documentation.


Time Domain Reflectometry (TDR) Testing and Reporting

 For TDR shots we employ the use of our Riser-Bond Model 1270A metallic time domain reflectometer. With the use of our TDR we can easily locate signal lose above or below ground or in bad splices, corroded cable, faulty taps etc.

This TDR is also capable of determining theft of video service by the use of impedance through waveform storage. All tests can be stored and reported for your use.


Cat5, 5E, 6 & 7 LAN Testing and Certification

For all network cabling testing and certification, no test instrument compares to our Fluke DSP4100. We test for all cross-talk, opens, shorts, grounds and impedance. All Network cabling is certified, tested and printed for your documentation. Another test instrument that we use is the DataCom NetTest LAN tester.


Optical Transmission

The installation, splicing and testing of single-mode and multimode fiber optic cable is one that cannot be compromised. To this end, we employ the latest and best in equipment. During installation of inside or outside plant, we utilize our Greenlee Tension Fiber Optic Super Tugger.

For fusion splicing, we use our Sumitomo Type36 Fusion Splicer. This device employs double the magnification of any other splicers. This allows for the detection of minor defects that otherwise would not be seen, resulting in typical db losses of less than.03 db.

For OTDR testing, we employ our GN NetTest CMA4000. This OTDR is outstanding in the fact that it not only tests 850, 1310, 1550nm  single and multimode, but is also capable of testing the new media, 1650nm up to 450 kilometers.