Fiber Optics


The increasing demands of today's networks and network professionals for speed and reliability calls for fiber optic connectivity. This process starts with the installation, termination and certification of the cable infrastructure. Current Solutions Electric realized this some years ago and initiated a new division dedicated to fiber optics


Today, our certified installers, splicing and test equipment in combination with our Aerial and Underground departments give us the ability to complete every aspect of an installation. Single Mode and Multi Mode installations in commercial, residential and Municipal Institutional Networks count among the many projects successfully completed by this department.

Current Solutions Electric's continuing educational and training programs for our personnel in conjunction with regular equipment and vehicle upgrades will ensure that we can offer unsurpassed service now and far into the future. As your turnkey vendor we are able to offer the following:


  • Fusion Splicing
  • Mechanical Splicing and connectorization
  • Testing and Activation
  • Design and Certification
  • Commercial and Residential networking

When the solution is fiber, think Current Solutions